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Am I a twenty year old or a sixty year old trapped in the body of a twenty year old?


Weekday Routine of a twenty year old:

1. Wake up and curse life,your alarm,yourself,your bosses,your professors,your snoring boyfriend lying next to you.

2. Spend nine hours of your day doing an unsatisfied job or attending boring classes that will absolutely be of no help in teaching you how to pay taxes or about  real estate but will definitely teach you the significance of a dead man’s theorem. Give or take nine hours,mostly give.

3. Stare pointlessly out of the window wishing you were on the other side out in the open and yet when you get a chance to do so, your body suddenly feels extremely tired to deviate from the log statue that you’ve turned yourself into .

4. Come back home hoping to be productive by doing something you really really love like maybe reading a book or watching a documentary or hitting the gym or even basketball but end up scrolling through social media ,so bored that you see every single Instagram story till the end ,always skipping the loud noisy ones with your mind lost somewhere else not even realizing that you just called Susan’s cat ugly in a voting poll.

5. Sometimes instead of point 4,you go out with a couple of friends,order a couple of drinks in a loud noisy bar, each one of you sitting on your phone checking other’s stories after you’ve posted your very own of fake clashing of glasses with everyone screaming fake “cheers”.

6. Sleep. The best part. The most rewarding part of the day.Sometimes dinner is at seven and sleep is at 8pm. Sometimes even as early as six in the evening while loud music blares from the balcony below with a bunch of youngsters playing unappealing pop but well who cares,you’re already in your sweet happy place.

Weekday Routine of a sixty year old:

  1. They say “We don’t have that energy that we used to have in our twenties”.
  2. They say “We can’t stay up that late at night like we used to”.
  3. They say ” Oh the crazy parties we’ve had in our twenties”.
  4. They say “Oh the spontaneity of life. Best made plans are the spontaneous ones”.
  5. They say “The things that we tried,crazy things,you won’t believe”.

Funnily enough,even you won’t believe that “Oh,the new things that we didn’t get to try ” because we are too exhausted from running this race of life everyday. The ongoing mantra for ages now has been live your life on the weekends and yet the exhaustion, demotivation , frustration overcomes us and life on weekends is just catching up with sleep that we missed out on throughout the week. Where is the time to try out new things. Where is the energy to explore new passions. Where is the energy to make memories that you could share later. This century has become so overwhelmed with competition that the very essence of life has gotten lost somewhere and the scariest part is we crib,we cry,we complain,we bitch and yet at the end of the day we accept it as a normalcy in our lives.

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