Screenshot_2020-05-10 Sayani Sarkar ( sayani_sarkar) • Instagram photos and videos

They say,” If you have stayed in Bombay once,there is nowhere else you’d rather be.” I didn’t believe them,when I moved to this city three years back.
Now I sit by the sea,at Marine drive,watch the sunset and reflect on how this city has changed me.So drastically that people from my past wouldn’t be able to recognise me now.

This city has given me alot, but it has taken away a lot too.

Bombay,is a strange addiction,a drug that one can’t seem to get rid of.It’s the people,their way of living, their sense of fashion,their sophistication and class,their open mindedness with which they embrace everything and anything .
It’s the life here that never stops,people will go out of their way to help you,but they will stick to minding their own business.Nobody has time to dwell on things like “what am I doing with my life” or ” Am I happy? ” because here,it’s a race against time and every second matters.

It’s the city that has taught this confused girl to dream,to set her priorities straight,changed her from the little wallflower that she was to this strong extrovert girl who can talk to anybody about anything.
But with that came a sense of loneliness, that I had never felt before. it’s like standing in the middle of a crowd of people, lonely and there is no one to notice you.

But that is how life works here.

This is where every individual comes to realise their dreams,if not successful but atleast closer to it.

Bombay has often been described to as “The New York of India” and honestly? The title is apt.
Here,it’s a competition with oneself before with anyone else.Everyday you have to try and be better than what you were the previous day.One can roam around the city in solitude, and yet feel the blissful sensation .That’s what the city does to you.

It gives you a sense of emotional independence,which makes us value ourself and improve ourselves and our creativity.Bombay has changed me for good.It’s not my friends or my school or my home that makes it special,it’s the city and all that it has to offer.

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